Reasons to travel in your 20’s

Traveling has played such a huge part of my life, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to have traveled to the places I’ve been. From the cities of North America to the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and over to the Middle East, I’ve seen many different cultures and I am fascinated with submerging myself into what the locals do and eat on a daily basis. I credit my travels into who I have become today and continuously encourage people to travel on any given opportunity, even if that means jumping in your car for a 5 hour drive and ending up in a completely different city. You might be surprised on how your travels change and transform you. I’m 22, and I’m determined to use my 20’s to travel and explore and if you’re not convinced or need a push to begin, here’s my top reasons to also use your 20’s to travel.

Discover who you want to become.

Deciding what you want to do, when you want to do it, and for however long you want without a definite schedule is pretty liberating, especially if you’re at a stage in your life where you have no idea what you want to do. Your travels will light a fire for your passions in life, and guide you towards you ultimate source of happiness.

You’ll only regret not traveling more.

As glum as it might be, you are progressively aging, you are never again going to be as young as your currently are. Chances are in the future you will look back and only wish you did more, saw more and experienced more.



Incredible friendships. 

On your journey you’ll meet people in similar situations as yourself, those who are enamored with the world just as you and who share similar passions in life. Most of these people you would not have met if it wasn’t for your travels. A conversation with someone with similar desires in life, is life changing, they are certain to make a permanent impact on your life.

You’re going to work forever anyways.

If this is something you completely accept and understand, why wouldn’t you take a few years to not solely focus on working your life away. Take some time for yourself, use your youth to explore and create memories.



Determine what you don’t want/need.

While you’re still deciding who you want to be chances are there’s a bundle of things in your life that you don’t need, emotionally and physically. Traveling uncovers the absolutely necessary pieces of your life and along the way you might even discover the route you’re currently taking in life isn’t what you want to do forever.

Build your social skills.

If talking to random people for directions or suggestions isn’t your strong point in daily life, traveling forces you out of your comfort zone and before you know it you’re sure to strike up random conversations, finding yourself with a plethora of opportunities before you.



You become such a different person on the road, you do things you normally wouldn’t do and you experience different parts of the world in your own way. The memories you create in different cities will become that place in your mind, the ‘remember when-‘ of every recollection. You’ll have a lifetime of stories to share and inspire others to step out and explore themselves.







2 thoughts on “Reasons to travel in your 20’s

  1. Nicely written explaining why you travel especially while you are in your youth known as your twenties…what an incredible opportunity you have at this time. Love you my granddaughter…..


  2. I also have a permanent case of Wanderlust. I would love to just travel the world. My only problem is not having the money to do so. Do you have any tips on saving money for travel?


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