I quit my job to travel.

Yes, you read that correctly and my two weeks completed at work so I am officially JOBLESS.

I have talked about taking this plunge for some time now, the idea always circling in my brain and I have continuously convinced myself that it wasn’t practical and working my life away in retail somehow was. After countless self pep talks and hours of planning I decided to hand in my two weeks. My next destination: Utila, Honduras.


The idea of becoming a Dive Master started forming a year ago on the very same island I am returning to, when I met a few people going through their DM course. Talking with them planted this idea in my mind that I could potentially create a career out of something I loved so dearly, but the fear of the unknown was fantastic at convincing me that I wasn’t at a point in my life where I was ready. The past 3 dive trips I’ve been on (Thailand, Puerto Rico, and Curacao) really solidified the idea in my mind as I talked to some amazing Dive Masters who encouraged me to finally pursue this idea. I wasn’t about to let another year pass me by as I dragged my feet in doing what I knew my heart wanted to do.

After researching to the point where I believed I reached the end of the internet in this search field, I found myself continuously returning to a familiar island and a familiar dive shop. I was only on the island previously for 5 days, but even a year later there is still something pulling me back, possibly the feeling of not completing everything that needed to be done there (i.e. my DM).


Leaving a quality job with a promised income after nearly 4 years to pursue something with no income for the next few months is absolutely terrifying. I blame that fear for the length of time it’s taken for me to actually pursue this, but I am extremely proud to say that with my deposit paid and my 2 weeks completed at work I am well on my way towards my dreams. I don’t think it’s going to be easy, I am prepared to face many challenges and I’m going to have to learn a completely different lifestyle verses what I am used to, but I am ready.

You are told your whole life to chase your dreams and yet so many people get trapped in what’s comfortable and easy to obtain. I have decided that I don’t want to be someone who gets trapped, I want something that brings me such joy on a daily basis, I want something bigger than what I’m currently achieving.


Utila, Honduras is only the first stop. I want to spend the next few months exploring this Earth in more depth than ever before. I am walking away from everything I’ve ever known and conquering this thing called fear. I’ve started referring to this as my permanent vacation, it’s by no means permanent, but it’s a start.

Wish me luck.

Travel on my friends.


3 thoughts on “I quit my job to travel.

  1. So happy for you Jaimi. The time has come for you to travel and follow your dream! You have such a love and passion for the ocean and protecting it. Its something you have wanted to do for some time. Proud of you that you are following your heart and making your dream come true. Look forward to your blog and photos.

    Love you!


  2. I am so inspired to see you follow your soul. I do not feel you left a quality job, rather seek real quality in your life. Those jobs will be around if and when you need them. You have set a pattern of priorities where your true goals are in the right order and not letting the social grip and norm taint that order. That is amazing and you have me pulling for you. Keep us informed of your amazing journey and continue to inspire us to seek what we all truly wish to accomplish in life. Bravo!


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