Friendships. Scuba diving. Booze.

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up…

I have now been on the island of Utila, Honduras for a month and it still feels like I got here yesterday. There’s a ton of free time, but at the same time I am always incredibly busy.  Time here has a way of slipping through your finger tips.

As it’s my first solo journey I was quite nervous upon my initial arrival, but within hours of connecting with the dive shop and settling into my room, I was swept away by instant friendships, and somehow managed to snag a bartending job within 3 days of being on the island that doesn’t interfere with my scuba diving.


The amazing thing about this island is that everyone is actually in the same place in their life, they’re here to scuba dive and live slower paced lifestyle so the connections are endless. It’s basically a breeding ground for us crazy scuba divers! I’ve met some of the most genuine people on this island, some people I am honored to have the privilege to call a true friend. I was automatically accepted for who I was and introduced to the true identity of Utila that I didn’t discover on my previous trip here.

The dive shop I chose to pursue my DM with, Parrots Dive Center, was instantly my family, we laugh, we dive and we all enjoy a few alcoholic beverages after a long day scuba diving or roasting in the intense Utila sun. You are rarely ever alone because someone is always there inviting you to dinner, the beach or an adventure to the top of an abandoned hotel.


I fell in love with this Island almost instantly; the people, the lifestyle, the diving. I think I was always made to live this life. Utila might not be my forever home, but it quickly has became a home to me. I find myself defending it, and cleaning it whenever I get the opportunity and frown upon those who do not care about it’s wellbeing (which is sadly more people than you would think).

My happiness has reached an all time high here, somedays I work my ass off from 5 am until 5 pm and I am still smiling despite the exhaustion because I genuinely enjoy what I am doing. I wish everyone could feel such contentment, if but only once in their life if anything, to understand how fulfilling it truly is.


I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision to pursue my DM on the beautiful island of Utila, I’ve been blessed with this opportunity and if given the chance I wouldn’t change a thing about this adventure. This time so far has moulded me into someone radiating pure happiness and I have learned so much about life and myself.

The thing about solo travel that I adore is it pushes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to interact with people. You are bound to meet people that you wouldn’t meet otherwise and for that I am grateful. My recommendation to anyone who has ever considered a trip by themselves if to face their fears and go, you will not regret it.

Travel on my friends.


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